Welcome to The Weirdo Family

Weirdos connecting with Weirdos, because normal people are boring.

About Us

This group has been created so that you can interact with me (Darren Marlar) as well as those who listen to my podcast.  This is not Facebook where I post and hope you'll comment - this is YOUR group, not MINE.  So post your own stuff!  Got a joke? Funny photo you found? Want to post a story about what happened to you at breakfast that nobody will believe?  This is the place to do it!  Open up to other Weirdos with your weirdness - and make a few friends at the same time!

Why You Should Join Us

I wanted to create a community that was actually a... well, a community.  While I do post here, so can you.  Meet others Weirdos with like-minded interests (other than just the podcast, find people in your own city or neighborhood, and get exclusive content here that I will not post on any other networks/media.  

A Big Thanks

I create the Weird Darkness podcast not for me, but for you.  And when I see people interacting, discussing the podcasts, or even taking rabbit trails and interacting with each other on completely unrelated topics, I know that you all got here because of the podcast and that is a wonderful feeling.  Thank you for being Weirdo family members - you all mean the world to me!